Hot or Not?

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I’m unsure of where the week went. I kind of laughed a little bit this morning when I realized it was Friday. I thought I would do a different style of post today and ask your opinion on some things I’ve been thinking about. Whether you think they’re hot or not; like if the topic is interesting/relevant or it’s a complete no for you! I like hearing from you ;).

It feels like the vegan/non-dairy yogurt selection is very slim compared to all the dairy yogurt options. It especially got worse when my favourite yogurt since moving to the states went out of business…and I didn’t even realize it until someone posted about it on Instagram. My heart shattered because if I had known, I would have stocked up while they still had them stocked on the shelves at Whole Foods. Do you think the non-dairy yogurt selection is very small (or have you even noticed it?!)?


Exploring: Tibet-Butler Preserve in Windermere

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Since I moved to Orlando over five months ago (sheesh- has it really been that long already?!), I wanted to make sure that I’m getting out and visiting new places (Disney aside). The Tibet-Butler Preserve is actually located super close to where we live, so I drive by it all the time, and always think, I really need to stop there soon. I decided that last week was that time. I mentioned how Nia was feeling under the weather, so last Wednesday morning instead of staying inside and not doing anything, I thought some fresh air and stretching her legs would be more beneficial.


Things Changed as Soon as This Changed


Can I just start off by saying that I’ve turned into a complete softy. So much that I decided the winner of my Actio giveaway will be myself. Just kidding. It’s actually Emily (entry #20) and she’s already been emailed (congrats!). But seriously. Tyler was out of town last night and I watched a chick flick (seems pretty typical when a husband goes out of town, eh?) that made me lose it. I honestly was a blubbery mess. In case you want to know what turned me into a pool it was You’re Not You (via Netflix) about an ALS patient (Hilary Swank) who hires on some help (Emmy Rossum) when her condition worsens. I’m pretty sure this is actually the movie that started the whole ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but I’m not 100%. Either way, the movie touched me deeply…clearly. And I think if you like sappy movies with a good message, then it’s a perfect match for you.


I {Hemp} Heart You (Giveaway!)


Through my ambassadorship with Fit Approach, I participated in the following campaign in which I received product from Manitoba Harvest to review and then host a giveaway. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.


Two giveaways in one week? Saaaaay whaaaaaat?! I just wanted to make sure that your week started and ended off ok because I got yo’ back ;).


So about the theme of this post: hemp seeds…The seed I love so much.

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As a vegan, they’re my holy grail. I not only love them because of their protein content (which is 18g per 2oz/56g), but because they also offer omegas 3 & 6, along with fiber. In fact, they have the ideal ratio of omega-3 to 6 (the ratio should be around 1:3-4*) which is a win for our cardiovascular health (<–now you can see why they’re called hemp hearts ;).  And for the protein, they are one of most complete sources of highly-digestible and high quality protein.


I’d Be Lying If I Said…


I don’t enjoy iced coffee each morning now. With Whole Foods making such good cold-brewed coffee it would be silly to not become addicted. Then add in it being cheaper than Starbucks (plus better coffee than they offer), it’s almost like we’re getting paid to drink the stuff.


The Florida heat and sunshine are brutal! Although I admit that I have NO idea what I’m in for with a Floridian summer, I will never take the glorious sunshine here for granted. I’m sure my sweat glands would differ. Good thing for deodorant ;).