The Day My Toddler’s Head Might Explode

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Today is the day, people. We’re going to see Frozen on Ice!! In preparation for it, we had a girls’ night of watching the movie and eating chocolate last night. If that isn’t the best way to lead into today, then I don’t know what is!


Nia will also be rocking her braid (seen above) and her Elsa shirt from grandma. She’s all set and probably doesn’t even know what’s she’s going to. I might be just as excited as she will be because it’s funny how once you become a parent you get so much enjoyment from seeing your child unbelievably happy. It’s one of those parent things that you can’t help but smile over.


Jump into Spring…Clothing!

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Being back home in Canada this week has really made me appreciate the changing seasons. Because, you see, in Florida, I’ve started becoming accustomed to seasons not existing and actually started to miss winter a bit (whaaaaat?). But now that I’ve been reacquainted with blowing, chilly winds and cracked, dry skin, I’m ready for the spring. I didn’t say it would take me long to realize how good the consistent warmth is! The best I can hope for is to see spring come soon to Canada, so that it and Florida can be on the same page – the page of wearing ridiculously cute clothing. Especially if you’re a child.


I’m Back Home!


Hey and happy Monday! Today I come at you from the beautiful, tropical, amazingly hot… oh wait, I’m not in Florida anymore. I’m back in Canada! Nia and I flew in super early on Saturday morning and we are here until next Tuesday. We flew into Buffalo, NY and my mom picked us up at the airport, which is a couple hours from her house. My mom knows the way to my heart because on our drive back to her house, we stopped in Burlington to grab lattes and baked goodies from Kelly’s Bake Shoppe.


1, 2, 3


Happy Monday! How is the time change treating you all? Can I be honest for a minute? This is how detached I am from the real world; I had no idea daylight savings was this weekend. That just goes to show I need to get a life back to have a reason to know about this sort of thing!


For today, I thought I would try something fun. I saw Carrots ‘N’ Cake do something similar to this this morning (the whole numbers thing going on in my title) and I loved the idea, so I’m doing it, but with less numbers (she went to ten!). I thought I would give you three things with the number corresponding to that thing!


Twice in One Week


Well, we made it to Friday. How is everyone feeling? I am exhausted. I’ve been doing a lot lately (and by the time I get home at night, blogging is out the window!), so I’m ready for some R&R tonight. And perhaps some wine. Lots o’ wine!

I mentioned on Wednesday that my friend Mel is in town with her hubby and his work for a convention… well, that convention is for helicopters.  Super cool, right? (He’s a helicopter mechanic by profession.) So yesterday I picked Mel up and we headed over to the convention so Nia could experience something new and interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever really been up close and personal with a helicopter, so it was pretty fascinating. Nia kept calling them ‘airplanes’ but hey, I totally get why – some felt as big as airplanes.