My Fitness Motives

I first wanted to say thank you for all the congratulatory comments yesterday. I’m hopeful that this new space will work out perfectly!

Next, I wanted to clear something up: just because I switched to a blog with “run” in the title does not mean I am any less interested in good food! Remember how I said yesterday that ALL the other things in my life are what make for happy running conditions? Well, food is a big part of that! You can still expect to see a lot of food pictures on my Instagram feed and recipes on here. I have been slacking on the recipe front, but actually have a new one coming your way soon. I just re-tested it again on the weekend and it still tastes just as good as I thought it did the first time! So look for that.

Now, I wanted to switch gears to a more “fitness-focused” post because well, I’m finally getting back into the swing of things. The hubby had kind of said for the new year that he wanted to get moving somehow and some way, every day. I was definitely on board for this, too! I find as a SAHM that I can get used to just going through the notions of home-life and push fitness to the back of my mind.

No more, my friends! And that’s why I’m here to tell you about my fitness motives.

I never knew that this first thing would make a million times difference, but it does: waking up early (6-6:30am) and working out right away. You know how good it feels knowing it’s only 7:30 in the morning and you’ve already worked out that day?! It makes me feel like a million bucks. It means I have SO many more hours to do other things. Versus what I found typically happened before: hours would drag on before I got my workout in, and then it wasn’t as enjoyable because I felt like I “had to” work out before I ran out of time in the day. Definitely not as effective. This way, I get to not only workout with the hubby (vs. doing it solo), but we help keep each other accountable for actually getting our butts out of bed in the morning and doing it!

As you can tell from the above picture, my current regimen is based out of the home. I don’t have a gym membership, but we do have a fitness room where we currently live so sometimes the hubby and I will take Nia over there. This allows us to work out with weights and equipment that we don’t have in the home. It helps out the hubby more than me because the weights are heavier for him to use than what we own! We went there on the weekend to do a Winter Shape Up workout, and the bonus is Nia loves the room!

Another thing that’s helping to keep me on top of workouts is the above mentioned Winter Shape Up. Not only are Gina’s workouts hard, but man do they make me feel good. I feel like I’m not in a place of loving my body right now, and instead of beating myself down over it, I’m building myself up. It takes time to see noticeable changes, and thankfully I have another 3 weeks of Winter Shape Up to work on that…and to know that I’m actually doing something about what I’m not happy with.

I’m also learning (only took two years!) that it’s ok to combine my needs with Nia’s. I always come back to feeling like Nia needs to come first, but especially since moving and being away from family and not having the help/support, I know that I need to get this thinking out of my head. My sanity is just as important as hers. That’s why I’m figuring out more things that I can do for her that also benefit me. Take: running to the park a mile away from us. It allowed me to get a 2-mile run in and her some outside playtime. We’re both winning!

And finally, adding some more yoga in! We actually did a bit this morning before Nia woke up and I’m going to a class tomorrow night with one of Tyler’s friends from work. I miss the calmness of it and the lengthening. Ah yes, the stretching that is much needed as I lose my flexibility a little more each day (it feels).

I also think it’s important for Nia to see us working out, as well. She already grabs the 2lb weights when we go to the workout room and calls them “my weights.” Start ‘em young!

Do you have a lot of fitness equipment in your home?