What Products I’m Ready to Try

Can I be honest for a second? When I was typing this post up last night, I was exhaaauuuusted. I love waking up early thing, but I really am done sometimes as early as 7:30pm. Nia actually came over to me lying on the couch last night and said, “mommy get UP!” Luckily she has the oomph to make that happen, but after the kid went to bed, I was blogging from the couch and not moving. I guess it’s a good habit to get in though…if I’m waking up with the sun, I probably shouldn’t be going down super late.

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to do a midweek post on some products I’m ready to try in the near future. I know a lot of people are taking to the “Friday Favourites” type posts, which I love, but I think it’s also neat to see products not yet tried, but could soon become a favorite. Here are a few I have my eyes on.


I’m a big lululemon wearer, but as we all know: it is pricey. Granted, it is good clothing, but when do you say enough is enough with paying those prices? The answer for me is: when you have a well-established lulu collection and are looking for some new looks that lulu doesn’t currently have, for a fraction of the costs. I absolutely am crushing on the top above, along with a few other sleeveless ones, plus some pants. I just haven’t quite hit the ‘purchase’ button yet, but trust me, the desire is there!


I’m still wondering how I haven’t tried compression socks yet! Isn’t everyone wearing them now? I especially want them just to see how it compares to all my non-compression sock running. It’s probably my driving force for wanting to test them out. I’m just looking for a super good deal on them because I can’t justify paying $50 for a pair of socks!


Now that we live in Florida and super close to Disney, I thought it would be a good idea to get an annual pass. I’m thinking this needs to happen ASAP because children are actually free under 3, so I would only need to purchase one pass between the two of us, and we’d be good for nine months. I say ‘two of us’ because I was thinking about getting the cheapest pass option which is a select weekday pass (valid Mondays to Fridays, with blackout dates though) and since Tyler works during the weekdays, he won’t need one. That way I can take Nia whenever I feel like we need something fun to do in the morning/afternoons during the week…and because it’s where dreams come true. I hope they mean for adults, too!

This last one isn’t necessarily for me, but still…


With so many personal box delivery services from clothing to make-up to pet-focused items, obviously, they made one for children. This one is an activity box (or as they call it, crate) with activities to engage your child and help them learn. They actually are designated to your child’s age; Kiwi Crate is the one for ages 4-8, whereas Koala Crate is for ages 3-4, so that’s the one I went with, figuring Nia is close enough in age. I’m not really the Creative Cathy like my former high school self was, and that’s why I decided I wanted to give this service a try. I ordered her first box last week and I’m anxiously waiting for it arrives. I’ll let you all in on what we get and how it goes when it gets here!

So those are just a few products I’m ready to hop on board with and try soon.

Anything you like above? Have tried? Ready to try?

Disclaimer: This post contains NO affiliate links. These are just products I am genuinely interested in trying out and would purchase with my own money.