Nia’s Cute Quirks #2

It’s been over a month since I did the first installment of Nia’s cute quirks, so I thought I would throw another one out there! Her phrases are getting funnier and funnier. Enjoy!

-Making peanut butter one morning, I had her sitting on the counter and while it was processing, she yells out, “I LOVE peanut butter!”

-She threw a piece of mango on the ground in the house and when I asked her what she was doing, she said, “Birds!” (No silly, the birds only feed off of food on the ground OUTside.)

– “Home!”

What she’ll say when we’re out shopping and she sees something we have at home.

-“Let’s hear it.”

What she’ll say when she’s sitting on the potty waiting to pee (and especially after we’ve had a few false calls and I’m ready for her to just go!)

-When she sees something she likes a lot: “This is SO cool.”

-While sitting on the potty with me there, she’ll grab my face and give me a long kiss while tilting her head to one side

-I told her, “Daddy is out to dinner with a friend.” She replied, “My friend is Mama.”

-One time I used one of her cups for a “big drink” and told her so she wouldn’t take a sip out of it as well, and then another morning when I was pouring some water into that same cup, she said, “Mama’s big drink.” Whoops!

-She successfully knows, can say, and identify the following artists on her own: Sia, Ariana Grande, Jared Leto (aka Thirty Seconds to Mars), Taylor Swift, Demi (Lovato)

-While driving to dinner and stopped at a light, Tyler reached back to give her a high five and she said, “No daddy. Go driving!” And so the rejection begins.