Nia’s Cute Quirks

Happy Friday! I can’t believe how quickly this week flew by. And wow look at that, I didn’t blog about anything I wanted to. Next week, next week.

Today I thought it would be fun to do a post on Nia because she is at her prime for being hilarious. And doesn’t everyone need that before heading into the weekend? (Also, I liked the idea of Gina doing “Livi-isms” for her daughter.)

So, happy weekend to you all and enjoy what’s flying out of this little girl’s mouth right now!

-You might say ‘swinging’ or ‘singing’, but it’s swinging-ing and singing-ing to Nia.

-“Go for it!”

Something she says to herself now (all on her own) after I’ve engrained it into her to make her less scared of doing something, like going down the slide.

-“Soooo pretty!”

For example, she grabbed my hair the other day and started stroking it and saying, “Hair so pretty.” Or she says it every time without fail when Vannah walks out on Wheel of Fortune.

-“Hi, honey!”

It’s something I say to her a million times and now she says it back to me just as much.

-I bought her a Frozen bag from Target the other day and on that same day at home, she had left it lying on the floor, and I stepped on it by accident when we were dancing, and she immediately said to me: “WATCH THE BAG!” And she actually pointed her finger at me to scold me, haha.

-“It’s too loud.”

She’ll say this about music and the TV…and sometimes even if nothing is on yet or it’s not very loud at all. I seriously think she’s channeling an 80-year-old woman.

-She’ll randomly come over to you and say, “Pat pat!” while slapping you across the back.

-Watching a video of her that I streamed to our TV (of her singing Frozen, oh how did you guess??), she had her arms up to the TV saying, “Baby! Come here! Let me catch you!”

-To you and me it’s ‘podcast,’ to her it’s ‘podcast.’

That’s it. Have a great one. I hope I could bring a smile to your face on at least one of the above! Now you know where I get my comedy from in a day.