1, 2, 3

Happy Monday! How is the time change treating you all? Can I be honest for a minute? This is how detached I am from the real world; I had no idea daylight savings was this weekend. That just goes to show I need to get a life back to have a reason to know about this sort of thing!

For today, I thought I would try something fun. I saw Carrots ‘N’ Cake do something similar to this morning (the whole numbers thing going on in my title) and I loved the idea, so I’m doing it, but with less numbers (she went to ten!). I thought I would give you three things with the number corresponding to that thing!

ONE: New show. On Friday, I started watching Once Upon A Time. I’ve seen the previews on TV for it in the past and I’ve always been intrigued, so when I saw it pop up in “suggestions” for me on Netflix, I thought, let’s give it a try. It also didn’t hurt that Jamie Dornan is in the first half of the first season ;). So far I’m really enjoying it (minus a deceased Jamie Dornan’s character – that was a sad episode to see come). I love how different the style and theme is from regular shows. It’s about fairytales characters who are trapped in reality (but it switches between the actual fairytale times and then them in the present day reality), but have no clue who they are. The only person who knows the truth is the evil witch because she put a curse on everyone to forget who they are. They also do different plays on the fairytales, so they’re not exactly the traditional story that we know. I’m only on season one, but super interested to see how they stretch the story and the characters over the following seasons.

TWO: Queen-sized beds side-by-side on Saturday night. Tyler was away this weekend for work (junior golfers in a tournament 1.5 hours from where we live) but had his own room so Nia and I went to stay with him on Saturday night. It was so awesome for Nia to have her own big bed, but I’m not going to lie, I was in light sleep mode all night every time she turned in her sleep because I wanted to make sure she wasn’t close to the edge to fall off! We did have a pillow barricade on both sides of the bed but the worrier in my couldn’t let that be enough. Of course she did fine and was nowhere near tumbling over, but it was nice knowing that I was pretty much lying right beside her had anything happened. This also solidifies the fact that it’s time to retire our queen-sized bed to her and upgrade to a king!!

THREE: Pure Barre classes within a week’s span. After 1:10pm today, I will have completed the third barre class that I’ve been enjoying so much. The only part of barre that I don’t enjoy is being a rookie. If the teacher is not demonstrating, but instead walking around the class and instructing us what to do, I find I constantly have to look around the room to make sure I’m doing it right. Also, I feel like if I miss one thing she says (which often happens), then I wonder if I’m even doing the move right. I wish, especially for the barre portion of the workout, that’s when she was at the barre consistently to show us the move before walking around. That’s my only beef with the class, but again, if I keep doing more barre then it will become a non-issue. I’ve really been loving this style of a workout!

There you go! I hope you have a lovely start to the week and catch you soon