Twice in One Week

Well, we made it to Friday. How is everyone feeling? I am exhausted. I’ve been doing a lot lately (and by the time I get home at night, blogging is out the window!), so I’m ready for some R&R tonight. And perhaps some wine. Lots of o’ wine!

I mentioned on Wednesday that my friend Mel is in town with her hubby and his work for a convention… well, that convention is for helicopters.  Super cool, right? (He’s a helicopter mechanic by profession.) So yesterday I picked Mel up and we headed over to the convention so Nia could experience something new and interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever really been up close and personal with a helicopter, so it was pretty fascinating. Nia kept calling them ‘airplanes’ but hey, I totally get why – some felt as big as airplanes.

This particular one floats on water. Mind = boggled.

The going rate on a helicopter is well above what I ever would have thought it to be. It seems I have a bit to learn in the area.

Apart from going to this and all the other activities, we have been partaking it, like kiddie pool swimming, or lululemon shopping (and taking selfies to ask the husband if these are valid/good items to purchase),

I’ve also been fitting fitness classes in like my life depended on it.

Remember me saying on Wednesday how I hoped Pure Barre didn’t destroy me? Well, ya, it did, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the music, the moves, and how different the workout felt compared to others. Plus, picking a morning class on a Wednesday luckily meant only a few other people and not a jam-packed room.

I was thankful that Mel braved it with me for the first class ever just because new situations are always a little intimidating (especially when you arrive there with only a few minutes to spare, which we did). We gave each other multiple looks throughout the class, like, holy eff this kills, which was nice to know we were on the same page. I left feeling challenged, but not overly in torturous pain. And then the next day happened: calves, my butt, my side above my hips sore – all places I wasn’t expecting! (I also should mention that I did attend hot yoga that same night, so maybe it was the combo of the two that put me over the edge.)

And then I did what any (in)sane person would do – I registered for another barre class for today (this afternoon). I only have four days left to use my ClassPass and I love that I can attend Pure Barre two more times with it (because it’s a total of three max at the same studio). After today’s class, I hope I can make it to another one on Monday. I can’t wait to see what today’s workout has in store and how my muscles will react to being re-challenged so soon!  I think my body secretly likes all the challenges I’m putting on it lately. Plus, it really needs a bit of butt-kicking.

And then for the weekend, my agenda is as so: vino drinking tonight, possibly with popcorn, farmers’ market on Saturday morning, which I hope my grandparents will attend with me, and then heading to meet up with Tyler on late Saturday afternoon because he’ll be away this weekend at a golf tourney for his players. Nia and I are going to keep him company one night and then hang by the pool while he works.

What are you up to this weekend?

Have you ever tried Pure Barre? If so, what was your first experience like?