All new mom journeys aren’t the same, so here are some tidbits on how mine is coming along!

Postpartum: 9 Months Later: Here’s where I update and fill you in on how things are going since the last post at 6 months.

Crossfit: Before vs. After Pregnancy: I compare the differences before and after pregnancy relating to this style of workout.

Postpartum: 6 Months Later: A recap, half a year after having Nia, with some pictures and updates on my post-baby experience.

Postpartum: 4.5 Months Later: How I was feeling and what was going on with me 4.5 months after having Nia.

My Postpartum Journey: this was written newly after having Nia (4.5 weeks).

Life’s Curveballs: We all face challenges, and these were just a few I was experiencing all while being a new mom.

Being a Student AND a New Mom: How going back to school right after having a baby worked out.

Looking Forward in 2013: I touch on some general goals that I have for the year!