The Start of Something New

Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. So glad you could make it!

If you’re reading this post than the secret is revealed…my new blog name (and space of the web). So, what do you think? Was it anything close to what you expected? Far off from it? Is it juuuuuuuust right?

I’m most excited for a fresh(ish) start, a new and cleaner look, and the future. Because the future is pretty exciting, amiright???

I really wanted to do an intro post to let you in on the reason for the switch and how it all began. So, let’s go!

It was back in June 2014 when little blogger Char really didn’t have any intention of switching her blog (especially not in the near future), but had picked up the latest copy of Runner’s World for a weekend away and the vision hit her. (Would it be a good time to switch to first-person instead? Ya, I thought so too…)

I was noticing a reoccurring theme throughout the magazine that started resonating with me. Something that not only made sense but I practiced a lot. Something that started getting me thinking.

I think you know what that was…

It started with seeing this:

“Whoa, this really is so right.”

Then came this:

“Happy running life…are you kidding me?!”

And finally, this:

The signs were all there…literally.

It put in motion the start of something new, but it didn’t progress very quickly in the beginning. I was content with my blog, but as time passed, the desire grew. I waited patiently for the URL to become available (it was taken until late September – I even offered to take it off their hands earlier than that for a small fee, but they suggested I pay way more than it was worth). I took the risk and hoped they wouldn’t renew their domain and luckily they didn’t. Otherwise, this might not even be happening.

Then, I spent the last few months doing minimal, small changes at first–trying to choose a theme that worked with what I wanted (simplistic and a lot of white)–and then switched to full-fledged get this thing ready! mode. I had times of altering code that completely ruined my site (doh!), which lead to having to start from scratch again, which then lead to me making very careful decisions going forward. (Just don’t think I was actually writing code. I was Googling the heck out of a lot of topics and taking already formulated code and pasted it in to my editor.)

Finally, I got to a place where I liked what I saw (read: I just couldn’t put any more work into what I already had), came up with the January challenge and purposely put launching my new blog at the end of the month as something to do before I changed my mind altogether. And here we are.

Although things are not perfect and probably won’t be for a long time, I’m happy with the result. No pun intended! And just know that some old links probably won’t link back properly (because I’m not the master coder), my font is sometimes different for bullet points and various other random spots in posts that I don’t want to spend time pinpointing, and I still have to work on switching my social media accounts over to the new name. (Also, I’d love your feedback: Tell me what you like/dislike, especially as a reader and commenter, so I can make it better for YOU.)

Edited to add: I’m also finding out that old and new photos aren’t loading now on some posts. Go figure!

So, that’s how the site, itself, came about, but let’s dig deeper into the ‘what’ for the blog name (articulated as close as I could to my overall feelings for the blog name, even though sometimes it’s extremely hard to just get out what you mean):

I love to run, but only when I want to. If I don’t want to run, I won’t, and I won’t feel bad/guilty/upset over it. I’ll just run the next time when I absolutely want to…or when I’m happy.

But it doesn’t exactly stop there. I also think that my choices for when I run or workout have a lot to do with my lifestyle, which is equally as important (if not more) as the workout/run, itself. For me, this includes a huge focus on (plant-based) nutrition/food, sustainability/green living, family & friends, and let’s be honest, wearing lululemon clothing. These things make me a well-rounded person and when they’re working properly, I feel more compelled to be my best me. My best me = better at doing the things in life I like to do (which just so happens to include running).

Happy life = Happy me = Happy running.

That’s it!

I explain a little more on my about page if you want to check there, but for now, I’ll leave you with this. I’m so excited to start this new journey. One that I hope you tag along for and enjoy. And hey, maybe we’ll get the change to run happily together sometimes.

Thanks so much. Love you guys and I appreciate the support! XO