I’m Back Home!

Hey and happy Monday! Today I come at you from the beautiful, tropical, amazingly hot… oh wait, I’m not in Florida anymore. I’m back in Canada! Nia and I flew in super early on Saturday morning and we are here until next Tuesday. We flew into Buffalo, NY and my mom picked us up at the airport, which is a couple hour from her house. My mom knows the way to my heart because, on our drive back to her house, we stopped in Burlington to grab lattes and baked goodies from Kelly’s Bake Shoppe.

And then we stocked up on a few things from Whole Foods, which included my beloved vegan pizza. I swear no other Whole Foods does a vegan pizza as good as the Oakville location. And I actually told the girl that, haha!

Once we made it back to my hometown, we picked up a few more things like some groceries for me and Nia and then got take-out dinner. I pretty much hit all the places I wanted to as soon as I was home! You don’t know what you’ll miss until it’s gone, or the alternative, until you’re gone.

Then yesterday, we kept up with the fun of me getting my dose of Canadian essentials, and ventured to Guelph (my old university stomping grounds last year!). We went to the mall there so we could get some of David’s Tea.

They actually had this sale that ended yesterday prompting our visit: buy 2 get 3. So I pretty much got a tea for free that I would have bought anyways on this trip home. Everyone loves those deals! Then we went for lunch at a place near and dear to my heart; it’s where my uni besties and I used to go all the time. I ordered some vegan nachos to split with my sis and then got a curry lentil soup as a starter. It was a picture-less day because I was too busy enjoying it!

After Nia was in bed that night, I FaceTimed Tyler. It was nice getting to catch up (even though he was making popcorn without me there while I was talking to him).

Definitely miss that guy and I know Nia does, too!

The plan for the week is to just hangout and enjoy family, along with embracing my dry skin (which happened within 12 hours of landing in the cold), and then we’re taking Nia to Frozen on Ice on Saturday and I cannot wait to see her reaction.

What are your plans for the week?